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  • "These are GREAT traps. They absolutley slay the pinfish. No need to cary around one of those huge plastic wire coated beasts. These little suckers do the job, and do it well."

    ~ Anonymous

Sand Flea Rakes

Sand Flea Rakes are used as a fishing tackle product to scrape sand fleas (also called mole crabs) from the edge of the surf to be used as bait. Sand fleas are a perfect bait for Pompano and other species.  Our sand flea rakes are constructed of 1/2” x 1/2" galvanized Aquamesh which is designed and perfected for use in saltwater to provide extreme durability compared to other inferior mesh products.  We assemble the rake with a single piece 4’ long handle contoured at each end and a grip to provide a more comfortable and efficient design and attach the components with high quality hot dipped galvanized nuts, bolts and washers.  We have taken no shortcuts in the material or assembly of this product to give you the best long term value in each model.

Save a trip to the tackle shop and save money! Buy a rake, catch your own sand fleas and spend more time fishing! *Mesh basket and handle shipped separately to save shipping costs and requires minor assembly. 

All necessary hardware provided.

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Large Sand Flea Rake
  The biggest one we make!  This model quickly scoops through the sand and allows you t..
Medium Sand Flea Rake
  We increased the size of this model for those who want to get a little more bait with each..
Small Sand Flea Rake
Designed for the beginner or those who need a smaller more compact design, this model will have you ..