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  • "Bought one of Catch Live Bait traps a couple of months ago (Offshore Model)....Set it out and a Wal Mart trap about 20 yds from each other (same depth)...Wal Mart caught a dozen, Catch Live Bait trap caught almost 4 dozen and is HALF the size of the wally world one.....Just thought I'd throw in some advertisement!!"

    ~ Justin


Pinfish trap testimonials

Here are a just a few testimonials from our satisfied owners:


Got them today (Crab Cube). It's great quality, very very pleased with this purchase. Awesome customer service :) A ++++ Have to throw in the garbage all "do it yourself" crap i purchased on e-bay before I found your site.
Will share your website with all my friends. If you have a subscription to your product updates/catalog  I would love to be part of it.


I used your pinfish trap (Offshore Model)for the first time last week, and WOW, did it ever work! I put a Ladyfish cut in half, along with the remains of a cleaned Sea Trout and put it in the water at the end of the dock the afternoon before a fishing trip. The next morning I hauled it up to find it packed with pinfish! The dock master there could not believe his eyes. I am sure the word will get around and I will be asked for your contact info, so get ready for some orders. please advise how I can get your information to my fellow Freedom Boat Club members.


Bought one of Catch Live Bait traps a couple of months ago (Offshore Model)....Set it out and a Wal Mart trap about 20 yds from each other (same depth)...Wal Mart caught a dozen, Catch Live Bait trap caught almost 4 dozen and is HALF the size of the wally world one.....Just thought I'd throw in some advertisement!!


I've been using my Offshore model on a regular basis. And, I'm getting nice numbers within minutes. Unbelievable!

I can attest to the effectiveness of the Catch Live Bait traps (Commercial Model). I've tried them and they will catch pinfish when other traps will not. They outcatch the conventional traps probably about 4 to 1. They are amazing!
Capt. Jake Adams
Day Break Marina
"Nothin Matters" Fishing Team
-37' Topaz

Anyone that wants a first hand testimony, just give me a call. Capt. Richie has got the market cornered on a new style pinfish trap that works better than any other trap out there. I have set my trap in the winter when there would be no one catching any pinfish and 12 hours later it was carrying loads of bait.

I haven’t figured out why they will go in his trap and not my trap (that was purchased from the local bait store) but his hands down catches more bait. I dropped his next to mine with the same amount of chum in each, 12 hours later his brought up 6 dozen pinfish and mine brought up 10 pinfish. This is not the only time I tested the results either. Several times last year when we were headed offshore he would drop his and I would drop mine in another location, every time his out produced mine by at least double! Needless to say I now own several of the Catch Live Bait traps.

Capt. Eddie Professional Fishing Guide
Capt. Eddie Woodall
Full Net Charters
Navarre FL.

Got my Offshore Model in the water today. It was only in about two hours and had already caught about 10 pinfish. These traps are the bomb! Thanks for making a better mousetrap (so to speak).


These Offshore Model pinfish traps rock. I haven't had a chance to go fishing since I got mine, but I did put it out on my dock somewhere around the ICW for about 2 hours with only 5 cut up cigar minnows in it. Had about 25 PERFECT size pinfish for trouts and reds. I had it set so I would only get the smaller ones, but it's adjustable so you can let the bigger ones in too for them grouper trips. I was ticked off...first time in a while I've had the good live bait with no chance to go fishing. Usually, I'm going fishing and no good live bait!!!

Get one of these while you can before Catch Live Bait starts fishing all the time and slows down on making em!


I just want to let you know, that thing works great! I am catching some big pin fish in bayou chico!!

Capt. Scott Byrd

All I can say is wow....what a trap. Put the inshore model out near a grass flat last night with a few cut Menhaden and in the morning it was full of perfect sized pin-fish for trout...and just left it near where we were fishing and replenished my bait bucket all day..

Thanks again,


These are GREAT traps. They absolutley slay the pinfish. No need to cary around one of those huge plastic wire coated beasts. These little suckers do the job, and do it well.

Got one of the Offshore Model Catch Live Bait traps a month or so ago. Would have never believed how much better they work than the old standard ones I've been using for 30 years. My 9 year old son is so protective of it, he won't even leave it out. Calls it his magic bait getter. The trap has performed like I never could have imagined. My 9 year old son enjoys re-bating it just to see how many we can catch. Amazing how much better it holds the fish without the normal escapement. The wire and build quality is the best I've seen.

Thanks again,

Dan G.

I bought two Commercial Model Catch Live Bait traps last year. For the Hargreaves tournament, I put one on one side of the dock, one on the other, wally world in the middle. Each Catch Live Bait trap had 40+ pinfish in them, Wally World had 2. That was in the grass in the sound. I had them in about a 30' span.


 Just wanted to tell everyone and show that these pinfish traps are spot on. Inshore model + 1lb cut menhaden + 5 ft of water near a grassbed + 1 hour(yes only 1 hour in the water)= 2 dozen + perfect sized pinfish.....Awesome trap.... 

A friend of mine bought one Offshore Model of these traps and purposely set it out next to his old trap. When he checked the traps the following day, there were ten times as many pinfish in your new trap than the old one! 

Live Bait = Big Fish!