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  • "Got my coastal model in the water today. It was only in about two hours and had already caught about 10 pinfish. These traps are the bomb! Thanks for making a better mousetrap (so to speak)."

    ~ Jody

About Us

As a Florida native, the love of the water, fishing and the outdoors goes well beyond a sport or hobby.  With 35 years of fishing experience along the coastlines of Florida, I've grown to understand and value the importance of live bait. Even at an early age, it didn't take me long to realize that I always caught more fish while using live bait. As I grew up and started chasing trophy catches of all types, having enough live bait in the live well became even more critical. To this day, I will never leave the dock without a live well full of live bait.

The pursuit of live bait was always the biggest hassle of the day and there were a lot of choices to make:  Do we stop and buy live bait at the tackle store? Will the bait shop have bait this morning? Do we need to chase the bait and throw a net on them? Do we need to chum and jig for them? The hassle is a big waste of time and sometimes very expensive. Wouldn't you rather spend more time on the water fishing then chasing live bait? There is a better way.

Pinfish traps became my favorite way to catch live bait for both inshore and offshore fishing. I was still not satisfied with the quality of construction, durability or the performance of the pinfish traps that were available. I had no confidence that when I pulled up my pinfish trap that I would have enough live bait for the day. I spent rediculous amounts of money every year trying to buy better traps and replacing the ones that had fallen apart due to poor quality of construction. Enough was enough and I could never find what I was looking for.


I started to design and build pinfish traps that would perform to my level of expectation while only using the best components available. We started the process of field testing them and the results were awesome! The performance, quality of construction and durability was better than anything else out there. The way we caught live bait was changed forever.

This is when Catch Live Bait was born. A family owned and operated company with a mission and a promise to deliver the highest  level of quality, durability and performance possible in every hand made product we build. We have delivered on our promise. We hope that you will purchase one of our products and experience the difference a Catch Live Bait trap will have on your pursuit of the trophy catch.

Do you have what it takes to catch the fish of a lifetime? Do you have the perfect boat? Do you have the perfect gear? Did you get the perfect weather that morning? Did you have the perfect Live bait?


And ask yourself these questions the next time you consider purchasing a Pinfish Trap, Live Bait Pen, or Crab Trap:

Buy a Catch Live Bait trap today...the last trap you will ever buy!


Richie Kopf
Catch Live Bait