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  • "All I can say is wow....what a trap. Put the inshore model out near a grass flat last night with a few cut Menhaden and in the morning it was full of perfect sized pin-fish for trout...and just left it near where we were fishing and replenished my bait bucket all day.."

    ~ David

Tournament Bait Pen 24"

Tournament Bait Pen 24"
Product Code: TOURPEN24
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Price: $99.99
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Designed to meet the needs of the serious tournament angler. A must have for the hardcore offshore fisherman who needs to store tons of live bait.

Our Tournament Bait Pens feature our unique rounded design to insure the safest environment possible for that valuable live bait. An additional unique feature is that we use a ½” x ½” mesh size so that all types of live bait will be safer than in larger mesh sized bait pen. The round shape of the Bait Pen also insures that your bait is able to swim freely and remain as lively as possible. This is the best overall physical size bait pen and the best mesh size combination for the widest amount of live bait storage possible.

If you are a tournament Kingfish angler using larger live baits to chase that “Smoker” King, a hard core offshore fisherman that needs to “Blackout” the livewell with Pinfish or the inshore angler who needs to keep their smaller sized live baits safe, this is the Bait Pen for you.

Size: 24" x 24" x 24"


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